No Deposit Casinos – play without wagering and risk

Since even the highest bonuses are sometimes no longer enough to create a unique selling point and thus arouse the interest of players, some online casinos have started to offer bonuses that you no longer have to deposit money to redeem.

Play without deposit at No Deposit Casino.

This means that you actually get money for free from these online casinos! Of course, these no deposit bonuses are significantly lower than other bonuses. After all, casinos don't really have anything to give away either.

Still, the bonuses are real, and there are actually online casinos where you can play without even touching your wallet first. Of course, casinos are hoping to lure you into their establishment with these gifts in the hope that you'll come back and spend money there in the long run, but that doesn't detract from the quality of a no deposit bonus at https://casinonutansvensklicens.net/

With several hundred online casinos out there, does that mean you can just sign up at a large number of them and then make a living off the bonuses? No, it's not as simple as that.

An online casino no deposit bonus is also a no withdrawal bonus. This means that you will be credited with the bonus after your registration, but you cannot withdraw it in cash. As said, online casinos don't give anything away either, so welcome bonuses are designed to get you playing.

However, if you do manage to win with the free bonus, you can store it in your casino account, but you can also transfer it to your bank account and actually convert it into cash.

Whether it’s  a welcome bonus, registration bonus or no deposit bonus . All these bonuses are intended for newcomers, more precisely, for new guests in the respective casinos. Accordingly, it is only possible to claim these bonuses directly after registration.

If you do not take this opportunity, the entitlement expires after a certain period of time. Usually this is a few weeks. If in doubt, you can find the validity period of the bonuses in the terms and conditions of the respective casino. The information about bonuses is basically freely available.

casino bonus2

By the way, a no deposit bonus is not always a cash credit. The bonus can also consist of free spins, participation in a lottery or merchandise. Other non-cash prizes are also possible.

The crowning glory among the rewards is of course the instant bonus, which is available immediately as an online casino bonus without a deposit.

In addition to these bonuses for newcomers, there is a whole range of other bonuses and gifts. Here is an overview of categories that you will inevitably stumble upon:

Match Bonus Free Spins Bonus Sticky Bonus Loyalty Bonus Refer-a-friend Bonus

Let's briefly talk about what these categories mean and how they differ.


A match bonus means that the casino rewards a deposit made – usually the first one – with a cash bonus that depends on the amount of said deposit. For example, a match bonus of 100% means that a deposit of €150 unlocks a bonus of €150 as well.

Match bonuses are usually offered in a range of 50-200% and are always capped. So you can't get unlimited high bonuses by just moving a lot of money between different casinos.

Match bonuses are almost always paid out in installments whenever a certain number of player points have been accumulated. You can find out at any time how many points you have, how much bonus has already been credited to your account and which or how much bonus is still outstanding. All this information is available to you at any time in your lobby.

In general, you have to assume that you have to use about 10-30 times the first deposit. In addition, these bonuses are valid for a limited time.

Free Spins Bonus

As mentioned above, a no deposit bonus can also be a non-cash prize. For example, online casinos like to give a few free spins on a slot machine, especially a brand new one, to promote it a bit and make it more interesting.

Such free spins are also due in some online casinos when you have reached a certain amount of player points. These points are collected automatically when you play at an online casino, regardless of what you play. Every game brings points.

free spins

Free spins bonuses as no deposit bonuses are mostly around 20-25 games. These are available to you even without making a deposit. You will probably be offered more free spins later on.

Then the numbers can be significantly higher. 200-500 spins are not uncommon, because regular guests are known to enjoy particularly good, preferential treatment everywhere.

These bonuses can also be claimed when making a deposit. Then it also happens that you can choose the slot machine. So if you've had your eye on a new device for a while, this is a good opportunity to give this one a try.

Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus - literally: "sticky" - is so called because it is valid for a long time and cannot be cashed out. Such bonuses are offered by casinos to keep players happy and encourage them to keep playing. That's why these bonuses are often very high, 300-400% are not uncommon.

However, these bonuses are mainly offered to high rollers. Check your online casino's website for details.

Loyalty bonus

If you show up and play at your casino regularly, you will be rewarded regularly. Loyalty is appreciated everywhere and online casinos are no exception. A loyalty bonus can also take different forms. You may be offered a deposit bonus, free spins or cashback for any losses incurred.

friends loyalty bonus A Friends bonus is the nicest thing.


The more you play and the more you bet, the higher the bonus increases. If you manage to advance to the higher VIP levels, you can expect similar gifts to online poker high rollers in their prime.

Refer a friend bonus

If you have a good knowledge of English, then this bonus is pretty much self-explanatory. If you persuade friends and acquaintances to also register at the casino that you like to visit yourself, then the casino will thank you with a fixed sum.

This happens every time you get the casino a new guest again. There are supposed to be people who get together in groups and then select a casino to collect a whole range of bonuses there. But of course these are just rumors and not hidden tips from us.

Mobile No Deposit Casino Bonus

Within the already booming casino market, the mobile casino segment is particularly successful. The number of gamers who play primarily or even exclusively on mobile is growing faster than any other type of gamer.

Of course, online casinos took notice of this, so it was only a matter of time before the first bonuses were only available for mobile players. If you belong to this group, take a closer look at our  casino reviews  . There you will learn more.

mobile player money casino chips

How to redeem a no deposit bonus?

As mentioned, “normal” bonuses can only be redeemed if you bet a multiple of the amount offered. Of course, it can also happen that you have already lost the amount promised by the bonus when you collect it.

On the other hand, many casinos limit the number of games in which one may or must be active in order to collect the points mentioned. For example,  roulette is  often excluded from the bonus programs because there you can almost completely eliminate the house edge by just betting on one of the - almost - 50:50 odds, i.e. red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19 -36.

None of this can happen with a no deposit bonus. It's small but nice and is credited directly without having to do anything else for it.


How do you recognize a no deposit bonus casino?

Don't worry, casinos that offer this particularly generous gift make sure it doesn't go unnoticed. Anyone who offers a no deposit bonus in the online casino does so in the middle of the first page. In addition, we have of course made a pre-selection for you.

That's not to say other casinos can't be trusted with this offer, these are just the best of the ones we've tested ourselves.

Do you need a code for the no deposit bonus?

Usually not. The online casino does not want to make it more difficult for its guests to register, but rather as simply as possible. Therefore a bonus code for a no deposit bonus makes no sense.

If online casinos do work with bonus codes, we will ensure that these codes are available on our site.

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonus Casinos

advantagesDisadvantagesBonus available immediatelyBonus smaller than regular bonusNo deposit necessaryNo match bonusBonus here often higher than directly in the casinoNo payment possible

Can you have multiple accounts at a no deposit casino?

No, this is illegal. Just as you are not allowed to have a double or multiple account with an online poker provider, this is also generally not possible with online casinos. Anyone who tries to create more than one account, for example to collect particularly good bonus gifts several times, is liable to prosecution.

Legal aside, such behavior would also be highly unfair and every player should have some ethical awareness. Instead, you should rather go the legal way, and that is: There is more than just one no deposit casino, and it is perfectly legal to register with several or even many online casinos in order to take several welcome bonuses with you.

However, keep in mind that it is hardly possible to unlock several welcome bonuses at the same time. It just takes too long for that.

Payouts in online casinos

Since you can't just walk up to the cashier with a stack of chips to cash in your winnings at an online casino, there are several digital ways to do it instead. The most common include credit cards and online financial services, but there are other options.

A detailed listing of the deposit and withdrawal options can be found in the respective reviews of the online casinos here on PokerListings.

Keep the overview

If you expect more from online casinos than just a few minutes to pass the time, you have different online accounts. This has the advantage that you can sometimes benefit from several promotions at the same time. Promotions here expressly mean not only the welcome bonus or no deposit bonus, but the entirety of the various promotions, because these usually include those that do not require constant play.

With so many offers and promotions, you can quickly lose track or miss good opportunities. To prevent this from happening, you can, for example, turn to an online casino forum. In a forum, people with similar interests exchange information regularly or irregularly, and if an online casino offers a good promotion that is worthwhile for all players to participate, word will spread very quickly.

A forum can therefore save valuable time. In addition, it is very pleasant to talk to like-minded people, because forums naturally offer all kinds of topics, including those that have nothing to do with casino games.

There are several large and small online casino forums. A quick Google search will bring up a whole bunch of them. Registration in an online forum does not incur any costs. There is neither played nor used money, rather it is purely a matter of discussion forums.

Gambling addiction – the silent danger

Playing is fun. It's one of the first things we get interested in in life, and it's one of our favorite ways to pass the time to the end. Even in ancient Rome, the motto was "bread and circuses", which meant that as long as people have enough to eat and a little entertainment, they are happy.

The urge to play is innate in humans. We conquer the world through play and play accompanies us throughout our lives. Gambling is also more popular than many people think. In Germany alone, up to a quarter of the population plays the “6 out of 49” lottery at least occasionally, thus generating billions in business for the state lottery.

But gambling can also become problematic when you lose control of your gaming behavior.

Gambling addiction warning sign

You can lose house and yard through bad luck in the game. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. In the pre-digital age there was at least the logistical problem of having to drive to a casino first, which was probably a stroke of luck for some, but today the constant availability of online casino games has also made it more dangerous.

Casinos are not the most dangerous traps for gamblers. Anyone who goes to a casino knows that they are entering the realm of gambling. However, far more money is gambled away on  slot machines  , thousands of which hang in countless pubs and bars.

Gambling addiction does not develop overnight, but develops slowly. Typical warning signs for online players include:

  • You play so long in the evening that you don't get enough sleep.
  • You increase the stakes to make up for past losses.
  • You go beyond the amount actually intended as play money and play with money that should be spent on everyday life. Eventually Ma overdrafts the bank account.
  • You play more and longer than you would admit to others.
  • You hardly think about anything other than the next game.

If you notice these or similar signs in yourself, you need to do something about it. As we mentioned before, gaming should be fun. When gaming becomes addictive, it's no longer fun.

One action a responsible gambler can take when they realize they are in danger is to self-ban. Every casino gives you the option to self-exclude and ban yourself from playing. This is temporary, but also lifelong.

Of course, someone who is addicted to gambling will not be able to get out of the crisis on their own. There are so many online casinos that such a ban is only partially effective, and a vulnerable player who may have self-banned in a lucid moment will soon be registering at another casino.

In such a case, there is no shame in getting professional help. Addiction help is organized by the state in all DACH countries and is available to the population if required.

Still, the option to ban yourself is a start, and if you're ever wondering if you should ban yourself, that's a red flag. Note: Play should enrich life, not impair it.