What is the probability of winning at roulette at the casino?

What is the probability of winning at roulette at the casino?

We certainly play for the fun of it, yes! However, there are some games that offer cash prizes and attract a large number of players. Among these games, casino roulette is attracting more and more players and as this game, which has been around for more than a century, is based on probabilities, the question that any player would ask and which we will try to answer is inevitably: what would be the probability of winning at casino roulette?

The probability of winning at casino roulette depending on the number of slots


When you play European roulette, which has 36 slots with 36 numbers except for the zero, you have the possibility of making 37 bets, so the probability of winning the bet is 1/37 (once in 37, or 0.2702), which equals a chance of 2.7%. On the other hand, American roulette has an extra square, the 00, which may reduce the odds of winning. A similar percentage in teen patti game online. The most popular numbers in Casino Roulette are:

  1. Red 12 34.
  2. Black 2 22.

Nevertheless, there is no efficient and safe strategy to ensure a win in the casino roulette game. The game is still subject to chance, which decides whether you will win or lose, even though mathematics could make the outcome, in part, predictable by showing that a particular square or color could offer twice the chance of winning.

The typical "roulette at the casino" humor suggests that the only way to play roulette well is to get to know the dealer, the person holding the game.

In order not to be overconfident, one should know that the odds of a game are often negative, which would be logical, otherwise the casino would lose money. This conclusion was reached after a mathematical evaluation of the profitability of a game, based on a study of probabilities, which, on the other hand, states that roulette in the casino, by means of a single bet, is the game with the highest profitability for the bettors.

How can a player optimize his chances of winning at roulette?

To answer this question, one should answer the following two questions, which take into consideration, among a lot of other important factors, those of the color and the payout rate.

How to win with the flush at roulette casino?

The most famous technique in casino roulette, known as "red and black", consists in placing bets on one color or the other. If you win, the amount is doubled, but if you lose, your bet should be doubled.

According to Pierre Morichau of ENSAE, Paris, roulette can be beaten by playing in teams and the simplest strategy is to play the same color consistently and double the bet amount after each loss.

What is the payout ratio between the casino and the players?

The payout ratio displayed determines how profitable a casino is, and therefore the higher the ratio, the more players who come to the casino just to break the daily routine or for the simple desire to be entertained will benefit from the casino's generosity. The rate of return or RTP is an indication of the amount of money the casino has won.


Casino roulette remains one of the most profitable casino games, including online establishments, with a considerable payout rate at French roulette that could reach 98.65%.

There are some calculations that allow for what is known as the "roulette exit expectation". The following formula is established for this purpose: E = ( N / 37 ) X 100, where E is the exit expectation that refers to each chance and the N is the number of numbers that are the subject of the bet, by the player.